Alligators Tickfaw State Park

You can usually find some alligators hanging out in the fishing pond or sunning themselves along the side of the pond.

Be careful and look before you take a walk around the pond. I was told that when the alligators reach about 6 ft in length that they are removed and relocated to an area of larger gators.

Personally I think they end up on someones dinner plate. If you have never eaten alligator you should try some before you leave Louisiana.

Alligator, crawfish, oysters and catfish are just some of the favorite foods of the locals in the area. Some of the Louisiana restaurants serve a seafood platter that have a little bit of everything on it. Deanie’s Seafood Restaurant in Bucktown had a great seafood platter the last time I checked it.

Alligators At The Tickfaw State Park Nature Center