Cabins & Lodging

RV Sites, Cabins, Camp Sites, at Tickfaw State Park

Overnight visitors can stay at one of the 14 vacation cabins that overlook a cypress swamp. At one time cypress trees were cut down and used to build houses. Cypress houses seem to last forever. Each air conditioned cabin sleeps eight persons and includes a fireplace, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. There are also several handicap equipped cabins. These are some really nice cabins with a screened in porch that faces the woods.

In the evening you can watch some of the animals come out of the woods and feed. Squirrels, deer, armadillos, rabbits and raccoons are common in this area.

Usually you will see these animals early in the morning or late in the evening. This is their feeding time. Many people like to have campfires at night but make sure you bring some insect repellent. Usually the mosquitoes come out for about and hour around sunset and sunrise and then taper off.

So you are not into those outdoor campfires??? Problem solved, there is even a fireplace to use come the winter months in some of our cabins. Our winters are short with only a few days a year where it gets below freezing.