Fishing Pond And Fishing Piers

You will probably see several alligators in this pond.
Worms, crickets and minnows work best when trying to catch fish in this pond. You can also try small tube jigs. Keep changing colors until you find the color that works best. Start of with a black head and chartreuse green on a 1/8 oz weighted hook.

The gators have a tendency to eat a lot of fish in the pond!!!!

Bass, Brim and Perch can also be found in this pond  and are great tasting fish along with the fun catching them. A lot of people use a jig pole with little tube jig-heads and jig around stumps and tree limbs. I have also used live minnows about 2 feet under a bobber. The fish take the bait slowly and sometimes when your jig is going down and it looks like it hit bottom but you know it didn’t,,, give your pole a quick pull upward. Go ahead and pull in your fish and get ready to go after the next one. Make as little noise as possible because when there is one, there are usually several more just waiting to be caught!

The Tickfaw State Park also has a river running alongside it. You can bottom fish for blue cats using worms. The blue cat is a catfish with a bluish belly on it. I prefer the smaller blue cats and skin them whole. I also like to fry them whole. It’s just something about eating a blue catfish that is whole,,, well minus the head. They taste sooooooo good!

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