Unimproved Campsites

Tickfaw State Park – 27225 Patterson Road – Springfield, LA 70462-8906
GPS Coordinates: N 30 22.9342, W 90 37.8761.
225-294-5020   or  1-888-981-2020

    20 Unimproved Campsites (water hookup only)
These unimproved campsites are very nice. They come with a water hookup plus restrooms and showers at the entrance to these campsites. This is a nice wooded area with mostly pine trees and small bushes or shrubs. The campsites are far enough apart to give you some privacy but close enough to have a get-together around a camp fire and share some of your favorite stories.

Headline: Warning, Tickfaw Swamp Monster seen again for the first time since this land was turned into a park and campground over 15 years ago. LLoyd Pukermann of the LP Blues

I’m sure everyone that visits the park has heard about the Tickfaw Swamp Monster. The best way I can describe this creature is it comes out of the swamps at different times of the night. Usually when it is the quietest. The frogs stop rebutting, the crickets disappear and the last noise you hear are the raccoons scampering away to hide in a hollow log. The whole woods and swamp area around this campground becomes completely silent. When the last camp fire flickers and goes out is the time you really need to be ready.

People have been almost petrified when they happen to catch a glimpse of this creature. Most people describe that the 1st thing that they notice is a very musty smell that permeates the air, then they hear something that sounds like a thousand little feet scampering across the swampy water nearby. Some people say that they believe it is the tail of the creature moving thru the water, others believe that it is the frogs hopping out of the way of this creature.

It’s been described as a creature because no one has really gotten a really good look at this beast. This is only a one time a month occurrence when the moon is nothing but a small sliver of light. People have described this creature as having very large eyes and standing at maybe around 6 feet tall but always looking like it is hunched over and carrying something. Some say they believe that this creature captures alligators in the dark because there are reports of seeing a tail 6 to 8 feet long. Others say that this is the tail of the creature.

All I can tell you is if you are camping out in this area when the moon can barely be seen and it gets deathly quite you may get an opportunity to hear and maybe think you have seen this creature.

Warning!!!! DONOT shine a flashlight in the direction of the noise I described above. DONOT attempt to get a picture of the creature.

Light of any kind drives this creature out of his mind and it has been told that the last time someone tried this all that was found was a crushed flashlight and a deserted campsite.

Note: Last herd at camp spot 41.