Tickfaw Nature Center

Tickfaw State Park Nature Center

The gift shop and Nature Center are open 9AM to 5PM daily and offer a variety of souvenirs with a local flavor. Come by and see close ups of some of the creatures that live in the swamps of Louisiana.

Hoop net above that is in the Nature Center at Tickfaw State Park. Below is a video with people catching catfish using their hoop net. Looks like they have caught between 50 to 100 catfish along with other bait fish. A real good haul.

A hoop net is in the picture above. It is placed in rivers where water is flowing and does a good job of catching catfish. If you have not eaten catfish then you are missing out. This is a great tasting fish. I personally eat them all the time. I like to eat whole fried or thin fried filets.

If you are a visitor to the area you will find this dish served at all seafood restaurants. There are some in the Springfield Hammond area.